Safety and Sustainablity

Marga Meadow™ manufactures high quality toys, which are 100% produced in Europe and are environmentally friendly. Toy trains are made from wood and they have warm and gentle touch. They are produced in a sustainable manner, using only best wood. We do not use any plastic details, colours are water-based and do not have heavy metals, glue is non-formaldehyde. Toy trains are safe and reliable.

  • For the European market the toys carry EN-71 certification and are marked as 3+. Click here to download “Declaration of Conformity” Marga_meadow_marks
  • For the USA market are toys have been tested and comply with the ASTM F963-11 standards


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Eco quality Made in Europe  Made from wood  Educational  Compatible with standard railway  Sustainable production For boys and girls No formaldehyde glue