About Us

Marga Meadow™ is small enterprise registered in Estonia that specialises on trains and other toys with creative design made from natural materials. Our production is designed and manufactured in Europe.

aleksandr_avramenko_margameadow_foto Marija_smirnovaite_margameadow_foto

The idea to set a production line came from watching my son playing with trains. There is something special about trains that captures children attention – you can build new track every time you play, trains can stick to each other forming long chains. Trains can create the whole world, big and exciting – never the same, always full of surprises. As collection of trains grew – I have realised there is no huge choice of trains – most trains are smaller copies of actually existing trains, with typical “trainy” look, train function and train life. So the idea came naturally – why not to set up a train line which is different from all the rest? The idea was planted into the incredible creative head of Marija Smirnovaite, an award winning illustrator of children books. Marija is always looking for new challenges and she was happy to design series or trains – The Groundies which are now being produced.

Whatever we produce we al ways aim it to be interesting and educational for children. We aim for highest quality and natural and sustainable design. And we are full of ideas!